With you every step of the way

Each audio space is unique. Getting the design and installation right requires a mindful approach and an expert eye (and ear) at every stage.

That’s why we believe in providing the full range of audio studio services. Our acoustic designs begin with psychoacoustics, factoring in sound isolation, room treatments, material specification and construction details, all to provide an accurate, trusted and comfortable work environment.

Our interior design team balances workflows, ergonomics, branding and the physical environment to enhance the experience for each user and, especially, your clients.

And our project management team understand the detail, budget and sequence of each project to give you peace of mind throughout the process.

  • Acoustic Design – acoustics should be optimised for each space, the type of space it is, how it is used and the users. We are experts in psychoacoustics and the science behind this.
  • Interior Design – balances performance and aesthetics, creating visually stunning environments that eliminate distractions, improve communication and inspire creativity and productivity.
  • Technology – technology is always changing and we work with partners who specialise in this arena and the seamless integration of it, bringing their expertise to your project.
  • Construction – success is in the detail, ensuring construction methods are followed accurately and errors are not made with negative and costly consequences. We have worked with our construction partners for over 30 years on hundreds of projects.
  • Project Management – a good project manager understands intrinsically all elements of a project, from budget control to procurement and detailed sub contractor designs. After 50 years of doing this we understand studio projects and all the elements required for a very successful project.