Each acoustic design is a work of art. It must balance the needs of the user, providing accuracy and clarity of recording and listening, as well as the ability to work free of distraction or compromise.

The variables that affect the design and performance of a space are virtually limitless, from the age and construction of the building to local noise factors such as roads, trains, planes and other industries. There are internal considerations; noisy offices or noisy studios, neither of which want to hear the other, so isolation is one of the primary considerations.

Through psychoacoustics, we understand how sound behaves in the space or structure, the treatment of the room and the acoustic signature, and the measurements required to ensure it works just right. Our team has decades of experience in achieving a good balance and can advise on the right approach for every audio environment.

Getting the balance right not only avoids the need for costly remedial work, it ensures every artist, performer and engineer can work quickly and effectively, making the most of their time in the space.

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